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Recipe - Bubble Bath Bombs

Updated: Oct 13, 2021


290 g (58%) Baking soda

156 g (31.2%) Citric Acid (add to recipe at the end)

5 g (1%) SLSA (surfactant)

9 g (1.8%) Cream of Tartar

10 g (2%) Arrowroot starch powder

5 g (1%) Cocoa Butter

6 g (1.2%) Polysorbate 80

5 g (1%) Avocado oil

5 g (1%) Coco Betaine

0.25 g Pigment (Lake) of your choice (I used Red 40 in the picture)

A small spray bottle of distilled water or 99% alcohol.

This recipe will give you 500g of mixture.


Wear a mask and gloves when handling surfactants, SLSA powder is very volatile and can be harmful to your health if you breathe it in.


Mix the dry ingredients except the citric acid, which will be added at the very end to the wet mixture to avoid precipitating the chemical reaction.

Heat the cocoa butter alone to melt it and then add the other liquid ingredients.

The colorant can be added to the liquid ingredients before mixing, it will facilitate the dispersion of the pigments.

Add the liquids into the previous mixture, mix and finally add the citric acid.

Mix everything well to form a ball in your hands. Release there about 30 cm (12 '') above the bowl, if the ball remains firm, the mixture is ready to mold.

If the ball comes apart and powder, you will need to add a little bit of water to bind the mixture, use a small cosmetic-type spray (not a large garden spray!) And add a little bit of spray to the mixture*).

Be careful not to add too much water to activate the mixture.

* If you notice that it is necessary to add several shots of water spray, adjust your recipe by adding a little more oil next time.

Relative humidity plays a huge role in the making and drying of bath bombs. Opt for a dry place and in summer it is recommended to work with a dehumidifier in your workshop.

Mold and let dry 24-48 hours on a surface covered with paper towels (to absorb excess moisture)

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