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The Castille Soap

Savon 100% Olive
The truth about a real castille soap

Castile Soap is one of the oldest cold process saponified soap. It has existed since the Romans of the 1st Century! Its name comes from its Spanish origins, the city of Castile where it was made at the time.

The name '' Castille '' is not protected which means that its use is abusive and confusing on the market, a bit like the term '' natural '' which is not regulated either.

While several types of cold process soaps are so called, the true name of Castile soap identifies a soap that is made of olive oil only.

In the jargon of soap makers, we rather call Bastille (Contraction of Bastard & Castille), a soap which mainly contains olive oil (80%) but which also contains another oil such as coconut.

These soaps, when made entirely from olive oil, require a one-year drying cure!

Indeed, to be at the height of its crystallization (transformation of saponified oils into sodium), castile will require much more time than a soap which is balanced with more solid oils or butters as it is made at 100% Olive oil that is naturally lighter.

It will be technically good for use after 4-6 weeks like other soaps (caustic is well evaporated after 24 hours) BUT it will be very melting and will last you a few washes in addition to not lathering very strongly!

After having tested Bastille (80% Olive and 20% Coconut) and Castille, I consider that these are soaps that have a rather sticky texture. Unfortunately the lack of balance in the recipe gives results which in my opinion are not the best.

That's right ... Real Castile !!
Castile soap after a cure of 18 months

I always make my '' annual batch '' of Castile, one of which is fragrance-free for babies because it is a soap that is very mild.

The Castille 2021 La Bulle is reserved, like a good wine! If you want to try it, there will be a few one in the shop, in limited editions.

Ohhh! Did I see some bubbles!