Essential Oil - Cedarwood

Chinese cedar wood is an evergreen tree or shrub with wide distribution in Guizhou, Gansu, and Sichuan provinces of China.


This oil generally has a lower cedrol content than American oil, so it is used more as a perfume.


Country of Origin: China

Extraction process: Steam distilled


Phthalate free

Perfumery: heart note


Aromatherapy benefits: Balance and relaxation


Mixing suggestions: Rosewood, bergamot, cypress, cassia, orange, clary sage, vetiver, ylang ylang.


For external use only.


Recommended dosage:

Melt and pour soap: 1.5% to 2.0%

Cold Process soap: 3 to 5%

Essential Oil - Cedarwood

  • Cupressus funebris Wood Oil