Fragrance Oil - Baby Powder

A delicate, light and fresh fragrance of baby powder.


This fragrance is composed of top notes of pure ozone, lily of the valley and citrus. Heart notes of lilac, classic jasmine and a delicate rose. Sweet woody, violet and powdery notes in the background.


Vanilla content: 1.33%

Flash point: 93.33 ° C (199 ° F)

Phthalate free


For external use only.


Recommended dosage:

Soap Melt and pour: 1% to 2%

Cold Process Soap: 3%

Fragrance Oil - Baby Powder

  • Fragrance

  • Soap (Category 9): 5.0%

    Body cream and lotion (Category 4): 30.13%

    Deodorant (Category 2): 2.44%

    Lips (Category 1): 0.00%